Happy March! Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month?

I thought I’d spotlight a difficult area in making healthy choices: Tricky Healthy Foods.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes things that are supposed to be ‘healthy’ end up being far from it? It can be so confusing! I thought it might be important to talk about one of my favorite snack foods: yogurt.

Yogurt Comparison

Yogurt Comparison

Yogurt is AMAZING. The natural bacteria can help your digestive system, you can find healthy forms of it, it’s a way to get protein without meat, and it comes in all different textures and tastes. However, it can spiral out of control quickly. An appropriate yogurt for a growing child that is looking to improve their diet is one that is lowfat or fat-free and does not contain any of the junk foods on top or bottom. Now, what do I mean by this? There are some yogurts that have a granola or even candy on top of the container. That’s not a snack, that’s a sweet dessert. Also tricky is the main culprit : SUGAR. That wonderful five-lettered word. Did you know that ‘Fruit on the Bottom’ yogurt is just jelly?  I can almost hear someone saying, “Not my yogurt, it’s made with fruit!”  By legal definition, that just means that there must be some sort of fruit in that mixture. And if you think about it, you can’t have jelly without fruit right?  But what you also cannot have jelly without is sugar. Those yogurts, the tiny little containers with fruit on the bottom, can have as much or MORE sugar than half of a soda. Crazy right?

-8 oz of Coca-Cola has 27 grams of sugar.

-Chobani Greek Pomegranate Yogurt: 19 grams of sugar. While some of this is natural sugar from milk, that’s still a lot for a little bit of yogurt.

So does this mean coke is okay? NO. Does this mean yogurt is bad? No. But we have to think about what kinds of foods we’re buying.

So what kinds would I recommend? I really love a non-fat plain yogurt. It actually tastes pretty good. And I adore 0% or non-fat Greek yogurt. However, I can’t eat Greek yogurt plain. I add blueberries, cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla extract. Try flavors you like! And if you want to get a flavored yogurt, use a flavored yogurt where fruit is the ingredient and not syrup.

Hope this is helpful! Have a great week!,

Margaret Ling