I want to highlight one crucial component to helping children, teens and all get healthier and that is making sure it is fully supported by those closest, especially the family and peer group. Teens especially encounter peer pressure from all angles and with all effects. Pressure to conform can impact food choices and the attempt to eat healthfully. When making the decision to get on a healthy track the individual may run into resistance from friends, boyfriends or girlfriends and even family members. Some may find loved ones not entirely supporting their changing lifestyle. This is unlikely ill-intended but rather a simple reaction because humans in general are resistant to change. Furthermore, as humans we sense our actions are justified when others are doing the same, feeling less guilty about unhealthy habits when others around us are practicing the same. But without the support and encouragement from those who matter most to us, any change we try to make becomes ever the more difficult. So when one expresses interest in healthy eating and exercising it should be applauded and recognized and the negativity weeded out. Weeding out the negativity may require a simple conversation or education to get all on the same page. People often confuse “getting healthy” with “dieting” and “dieting” tends to carry a negative connotation. So focus on health and ideally all involved will benefit. For those of you bettering your health: stand strong in your decision and be proud! Healthy is in! Bettering one’s health is not something to be ashamed of or hide. We are what we eat and if we don’t eat right, now or further on down the road it will catch up to us.