Good afternoon Louie’s Kids readers!

By the time Friday afternoon rolls around, I’m just so excited to get out and feel the sun on my face.

And Charleston is perfect for just that. We have beautiful weather coming our way and a weekend full of outdoor activities to choose from. For example just this Saturday alone, I’ve counted (3) 5ks,a yogathon, (2) festivals, College of Charleston commencement, a Riverdogs game, a Louie’s Kids Saturday morning workout, the farmers market, and a sailing race. One of the many reasons I love Charleston is because we love being outside and active!

However, I was reminded during a mid-afternoon run last weekend how important it is to stay safe in the sun, no matter what your activity of choice is. (I have the tan lines now to prove it’s hot out!)

As our lovely city moves away from cool spring breezes into the hot and humid summer, here is a short list of things to remember so you can stay as cool, safe and sun-burn free as possible.

1. Run earlier in the morning or later in the evening. Avoid running in the middle of the day when its the hottest!

2. Wear appropriate clothing. Light-colored (water-resistant) fabrics, shorts, tanks, hats/visors = all good options here.

3. HYDRATE. This doesn’t just mean before & after your run. (It means during it too!) You should be drinking water all of the time. It’s very good for you.

4. Wear sunscreen. I get burned pretty easily and I bet you do too! SPF 30 usually works for me.

5. Seek out shade. Try to run (or hang out) in places where you can have access to shade if you start to get over-heated. I know it’s not always possible, but try to run near a park or in neighborhoods that have a lot of trees.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Happy sun time,

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