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Hello Kids… Lori Bell is BACK!

Sometimes we all have setbacks in our exercise programs because of health issues,  injuries, or events that happen in our lives. In my case a health issue caused me to have to put the breaks on my strenuous exercise plan. At first I didn’t  understand how I could possibly work out without pushing myself as hard as I had been to do the aerobic exercises. So I got stuck and stopped everything. That was not a good solution. I was sad to miss out on the exercising that I had grown to love and enjoy, even though it was hard!

I had to call my trainer to get some help and guidance on a new plan of action.  We started over again with a new exercise plan that works for me with the limitations I have. This help has really boosted my desire to get back into my previous exercise program. Now I have renewed energy and a drive to figure out new ways to move and take care of myself, too!

I just want everyone to know that when and if this happens to you, please do not give up completely! You just need to find a new way of exercising in any way that you can!  If I can do this, so can you!

I will keep posting, and you keep moving!