Louie's Kids booth at SC Federal Credit Union Wellness Fair

Last week I joined Louis and Laura for the South Carolina Federal Credit Union’s Employee Wellness Fair in Charleston, SC. It was a great turnout as many of the employees came to get the information from the different vendors. The booths ranged from personal training companies to local colleges to the fun crowd at Wonder Works – who we previously teamed up with for the Kid’s Bridge Run.┬áThe Fresh Produce from Gruber Farms and the complimentary massages were also very popular spots.

At our booth we got to talk about all of the ways Louie’s Kids is currently reaching out to the community, and addressing topics such as healthy eating habits, exercise and overall wellness. Laura also got a chance to share her message of “Rethink your Drink” with a group of Credit Union employees. It prompted some great discussions on how much sugar people consume just from their drinks without even realizing it.

It was great to see a company take such a proactive approach with the health and wellness of their employees.