Eating is essential for our bodies, but sometimes we have unhealthy habits when it comes to the way we eat. I have a list of ways to reduce our bad habits that lead to less healthy food choices.

1.) Begin eating in the same room and at the same place regardless of when, what, or how much you eat.

2.) Eat only when sitting down. Do no eat while standing or walking around.

3.) Eliminate all activities whie eating with the exception of talking. This includes watching TV.

4.) Store all foods in one room (unless you have an outdoor freezer).

5.) Do not display dishes of candy, nuts, etc.

6.) Eat only at a table.

These are meant to encourage you to stop and think about what and where you are eating. Additionally, these can increase family time and communication because we are sitting at a table, for a real meal, without the TV on. When was the last time you sat down as a family to a homecooked meal?  When was the last time you and your children discussed the choices made that day?  If it was last night-that’s great!  If it was quite a while ago, maybe try to set a goal to do this by the end of the week. With the modern family and our work schedules, it can be difficult. But if you can’t make it for a sitdown supper, try for a sitdown breakfast! 

Food for thought. Hope to see y’all at Louie’s Kids Workouts,

Margaret Ling