Request for Assistance


One kid might need to learn about healthy eating, or what it means to sweat. Some must overcome a trauma, like an injury, divorce, or worse.

Just as no two kids are alike, no two solutions are either. That’s the genius behind Louie’s Kids. We find the fix that fits, one kid at a time.

To get started, fill out our Online Request for Assistance form, or click on the Download Request for Assistance button below to print out and fax or mail your request to Louie’s Kids.  Then we’ll get to work. When you complete this Request for Assistance, we will assess the needs of the applicant and attempt to devise a plan of action. We’ll likely enroll the applicant in an on-line and telephone counseling program. We may assign a volunteer mentor to the child to provide motivation and support throughout the process. Our assistance might include getting the child started with a gym or health club membership, or sessions with a dietician or nutrition counselor. If the child makes progress but needs more support, we can help with more intensive programs, like month-long summer camps.


We expect that kids receiving assistance from Louie’s Kids to fully participate and be open to change in their lives. Change in their weight won’t come without changing the way they eat, so if they’re picky eaters who won’t touch anything but pizza, they’re not going to succeed. Change in their weight won’t happen without a lot of sweat, so if they’re not willing to exercise, we can’t help them. And if the kids think they can lose the weight in a few weeks, then go back to eating the way they were and not exercising, they are mistaken; controlling their weight needs to be a lifelong commitment.


The kids can’t do this themselves. They are going to need the help of a parent every step of the way. It’s the parent’s role to make sure there are healthy foods for the kids to eat. It’s the parent’s role to help the kids set — and meet goals. It’s oftentimes the parent’s role to play taxi-driver, making sure the kids get to the gym or to an appointment with a nutritionist. Most of all, it’s the parent’s role to provide the support and encouragement the kids will need to make a big change in their lives.

So download the form below and get started. You’re about to make a healthy start.